PUT the human spirit, perhaps, it is difficult for only allow but that man can not live, eat only fruit, and not done at the same time, a hunter? I would, however, say "yes" in addition to an absolute health, beauty and power of faith, without sickness and suffering only produce results only." besslizistaya "food -. kind llinen man all made by human hand or perceived improved, and evil is evidence of the fruits of scientific experiments confirmed an apple, or, for example, lamictal buy cheap bananas contain everything a person needs something... most likely, people living in the tropics more ancient, their ability to surprise to work, which is nothing else in my life, except for bananas, do not eat. So that a perfect man can only live fruit, at least it is more or less time in a long time. the same thing, but one can not say coconut (kabakon). at least, the famous apostle of coconut Engelhardt not recover from the tropical disease only coconut diet.
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