40 in folk medicine (38), Cress is mild as a tonic and diuretic diuretic. Uterus also mucus, serous, it can be customized to purulent inflammation. A permanent secretion rich itching and inflammation of the external genitalia, will cause the vagina of secondary inflammation. Time, to get to the experts, has become very important, or inflammatory processes can be applied to the final blockage of the fallopian tubes and infertility.Barberry - fruit stimulates the appetite by using a calming effect, strengthening the heart muscle and antipyretic, how much lamictal to get rxforfamily high astringent, anti-inflammatory and yellow secreting effect. It was found that the leaves may shade hemostat, which reduces the effect of the muscles of the uterus. In addition, it lowers blood pressure and increases bile. It is used to pump the stock as an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic. Pump leaves barberry use 25 drops 2-3 times a day for 2-3 nedel.Chtoby reduce blood pressure may be one day, it takes 3 times a day 30 minutes before the meal and one teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil.
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